About Us

Our Story

After graduating from Bethel College in 2009 Kory & Alison Lantz moved to the northwest side of South Bend and started building relationships with their neighbors. Their passion for youth, hospitality and culture drove their decision to put roots down just 15 minutes away from Bethel. They quickly fell in love with the youth and families of South Bend. They spent countless hours eating together, laughing together, and learning from one another.

After about a year of living and learning from their neighbors they decided to start a youth leadership program called Iron Sharpens Iron (ISI). The first year consisted of 6 boys and 6 girls. They ate together and talked openly about real life issues. This became a family for Kory and Alison, as well as the students. They began to walk closely with one another - holding each other accountable and bearing one another's burdens. It was beautiful. 

Since then God has continued to grow ISI as well as the other programs of Transformation Ministries. And while the programs may continue to grow and change, the purpose will always remain the same - to see youth and families in South Bend encouraged and transformed.

Our Mission

We seek to transform the hearts and minds of urban youth and their families while connecting others to the city in a positive way.

Our Values

  • The Gospel of Jesus - Sharing the life-changing power of Jesus.
  • Relationships - Connecting with others by knowing who they are.
  • Trust - Building trust through authenticity.
  • Whole Person Development - Seeking restoration of the whole person.
  • Reconciliation - Reconciling people to God and others.