Our hope is for each intern to feel part of the team while gaining experience that helps them grow professionally, relationally, spiritually, and in their leadership. Each intern will be placed in a specific ministry track, mentored by a supervisor, gain significant hands-on experience, and gain professional development experience. We desire for every intern to gain experiences that will equip them for their future work and career.


  • Intern receives 2.5 unpaid personal days per quarter
  • Intern agrees to 10-20 hours per week and set schedule determined by Supervisor
  • Intern starts in Summer (June), Fall (September), or Spring (Jan) and internships can
    last for 3 to 12 months.
  • Intern is selected for a specific ministry track: ISI, CLK, GI, or Admin
  • Intern reports directly to and meets weekly with Supervisor of ministry track
  • Interns meets with Internship Coordinator bi-weekly
  • Intern must have a desire to learn and be a self-starter
  • Intern must agree to Lifestyle Covenant and Statement of Faith
  • Intern must fit Team Values


1. Experiential Learning: Each intern will be provided with opportunities to build
relationships with the community, as well as real-life ministry experiences through serving
and leading. Interns will assist in planning and leading ministry programs and events,
mentoring students, assisting volunteers, implementing strategies to propel the mission
forward, and more.

2. Relational Learning: It is imperative that while the intern is developing knowledge and
skills through experiences, he or she is also learning the necessary soft-skills to work well
with others. Interns will attend meetings, experience healthy staff relationships, and be
invited into the inner-workings through strategic and collaborative work with the team.
Interns will have weekly meetings with the Supervisor to process and receive feedback on
how they are doing in their experiential learning, as well as be given formal tools to help them
grow spiritually, identify their unique design, and implement healthy self-care practices.

3. Formal Learning: While hands-on experience is essential to the intern’s growth, there is
also a formal learning space where interns will be developed professionally. Interns will meet
bi-weekly with the Director of Interns to discuss issues of the city including race, poverty,
justice, and community development to reflect on and integrate their ministry experiences.
They will also complete self assessments, have professional development workshops, and
trainings on trauma informed practices.

If you are interested in applying to intern with Transformation Ministries, please send your
resume to Director of Operations, [email protected]