Deeper Campaign


Future Dreams 

We have ambitious plans for deeper investment in our community for the next decade and beyond. We are encouraged and energized by the impact we have seen through our ministry over the last 14 years and feel compelled to do more and go deeper. We have seen incredible and measurable impact from our existing programs and highly relational model. Our vision is to build upon our current model to provide holistic care for 0-25 year olds in our community. 

Completing_the_Circle_graphic.jpgIn order to fulfill this vision, we need to bolster our existing programs as well as launch new programs. We have plans to do just that! In addition to our plans to strengthen and grow our existing programs, we have plans to start a Family Resource Center to offer services such as counseling, restorative justice circles, and financial literacy classes, as well as to connect families to existing resources in the community. We also have plans to start an Early Learning Center to support young families and single mothers by offering excellent and affordable daycare for children 0-5.

Complete the Circle

We dream of a day where we “complete the circle”, closing the gaps that exist in our current programming. Our dream is that through our ministry, a child at any age could experience a community of belonging and that generations of families could participate in programs that positively impact themselves and our community.

Growth_graphic.jpgBuilding Overview

If we are going to achieve our goal of providing holistic care from birth to young adulthood, we need to do more, and we need more space to facilitate this growth. With growth in our existing programming and plans to launch new programs in the future, we have a great need to expand our space. In July 2021 a generous donor funded the purchase of a 21,000 square foot building on King St, just three blocks away from our current space on Portage Ave. In August 2023, the renovation was completed giving us 38,000 square feet to utilize to complete the circle. The renovation of this building allows us to strengthen and grow our current programs, start new programs, as well as allow us to operate all of our programs simultaneously, something that was not possible in our previous building.

How to get involved

We are excited for all that this new building will enable our ministry to accomplish in the years to come, but this vision cannot be realized without help! We need each other - staff, students, parents, financial partners, volunteers, and the community - to come together to make this a reality. We would love for you to prayerfully consider partnering with Transformation Ministries to pursue deeper investment in our community. You can join us in this effort through one of the following ways:

  • Pray that God provides the people and resources needed to make this vision a reality.
  • Volunteer your time through mentoring, tutoring, or helping with food teams with our current programming.
  • Connect us with people, churches, businesses, and other resources that you believe would like to see this vision become a reality.
  • Give a financial gift in one of the following ways:
    • Online: Visit Be sure to select “monthly” if you would like your gift to be recurring.
    • By Check: Make a check out to Transformation Ministries and mail to Transformation Ministries, 1101 King Street, South Bend, IN 46616.
If you would like to learn more about our history, impact, vision, and this building project, download our full case statement here.