Episode 15 - PRACTICING PRESENCE with Itxul Moreno & Alec Torigian

What happens when you find yourself in a place you never thought you’d be? Itzxul Moreno and Alec Torigian both found themselves in a place (South Bend, Indiana) where they weren’t expecting. In this episode, we talk with them about how they found mission and purpose right where they were and how it has spurred them on into the work they are doing today to help provide education in underserved areas.

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Both Alec and Itzxul are familiar faces around Transformation Ministries, as they have served as ISI Mentors for several years and Itzxul is currently an ISI Assistant Team Leader. We are so grateful to have them share about that experience and for the impact that they have had on students at Transformation Ministries.


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