We're Back! Episode 13 - SEASON 2 PREVIEW

Welcome to Season 2 of We All Need Each Other!

We're back after a short break to kick off another year of monthly episodes. This episode is extra special because we're adding some new features to the podcast.

We've got a new logo, some new ideas and, most importantly, a new co-host!

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We're so excited to welcome Ali Lantz to the hosting team. She's the co-founder of Transformation Ministries, the wife of Executive Director Kory Lantz and a trusted voice when it comes to loving others well.

In addition to adding Ali to the team, we're adding resources that go beyond the monthly recorded podcast. We're currently in the midst of a 4-week Book Study, gathering with 18 participants weekly to discuss the book Subversive Witness by Dominique Dubois Gilliard. Just as important as the content of the book, these discussions are creating opportunities to connect with and learn from each other. We plan to continue to offer similar opportunities to gather with others throughout the year.

We're thrilled to be back with you for another season. We'll see you soon!