Episode 16 - TIMELY TOPICS with Marla Godette, Kory Lantz & Dr. Redgina Hill

It’s one thing to talk about community. It’s another thing to practice it. Practicing community can get messy. There can be bumps in the road. But the reward makes the difficulties pale in comparison.

We saw that in a beautiful way with our first Transformation-hosted community speaker series – Timely Topics. We hosted three incredible speakers – Marla Godette, Kory Lantz, and Dr. Redgina Hill. Each one is closely connected to the South Bend community and are actively working to make the community better.

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Each speaker had a chance to discuss their topic before we had lunch and broke off into discussion groups. The groups shared their thoughts on the particular speaker whose group they chose to attend. After that portion, we all gathered back together for a time of reflection on what we had discussed.

Not everyone agreed. We may have heard some things that challenged us. But we all came back together at the end to affirm the community. We can disagree and still love one another.

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