Episode 17 - TRAUMA-INFORMED CARE with Kalyn Lantz

Kalyn Lantz has been deeply involved at Transformation Ministries for years. She knows our work as well as anyone and she has helped equip our volunteers to be the best they can be. As a licensed counselor who specializes in trauma-informed care, Kalyn has unique insight into the ways trauma manifests in emotional, behavioral and physical ways.

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Co-hosts Ali Lantz, Aaron Charles and Dan Weiss talked with Kalyn about how she has seen the effects of trauma in her own life as well as the people she spends time with and works with. We learned that staying curious about the actions of others and our own reactions can calm very intense situations. Kalyn also encouraged us to seek connection with others who may be acting out of trauma. Finally, we learned that finding ways to have fun through play can be a valuable tool to help ourselves and others regulate the effects of trauma.