Episode 3 - SOCIAL MEDIA with Ryan Flemming

Ep_3_thumbnail.jpgFor episode 3 of We All Need Each Other, Dan was able to join in conversation with Pastor Ryan Flemming, the lead pastor at The Revolution Church in Gary, Indiana. The conversation in this episode focused on social media and how we can use it for good.

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Social media is one of the most pervasive aspects of our culture today. It has become part of our everyday life. But there are dangers to it, even while there are many positives at the same time.

Pastor Flemming is someone seeking to use social media for good. With over 25 years working in inner city ministry, Ryan has an intense love for communities and how they are built. Ryan is known by many as DJ Rhino, as he is an accomplished DJ who has used his art and his voice to help empower local communities in northern Indiana. He brings this background to his community building on social media, as well. You can find Ryan on Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.


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