Episode 4 - Why We All Need Each Other with Jonathan Brooks & Kory Lantz

Ep_4_Title_Slide.jpgOn Episode 4 of We All Need Each Other, Dan and Aaron had a conversation with Pastor Jonathan Brooks and Kory Lantz about what it means to live in and serve in community. This conversation really got to the heart of what this podcast is all about – the fact that we all need each other and can learn from one another’s perspective.

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Jonathan Brooks – also known as “Pastah J” - is currently the Senior Pastor at Canaan Community Church in West Englewood on the south side of Chicago. He will soon be transitioning to become the Senior Pastor at Lawndale Community Church on the west side of Chicago – a transition he discussed on this week’s episode. Jonathan is the author of the book “Church Forsaken” - a book that served as part of the inspiration for We All Need Each Other. Jonathan is actively involved in community building and focuses his ministry on youth development, holistic health, college scholarships, art and music training as well as restorative justice practices and care for the incarcerated and their families. Jonathan is married to Miche'al Newman-Brooks and they have two daughters.

You may know Kory Lantz as the Executive Director of Transformation Ministries. Kory and his wife, Alison, started building relationships with their neighbors after moving to the northwest side of South Bend. As God worked through these relationships, Kory and Alison started a youth leadership program called Iron Sharpens Iron (ISI). From there, Transformation Ministries continued to grow to its current size, including programs like Iron Mentors, the Residency Program, and Greater Impact. The goal of all these ministries continues to be relationship building that connects youth and families to the city in a positive way. Kory and Alison have three daughters, and a boy on the way.


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