Episode 20 - GOING DEEPER with Ali & Kory Lantz

For the last 13 years Ali & Kory Lantz have lived in Northwest South Bend and have been leading Transformation Ministries. What started as a couple living in a small neighborhood home, trying to be good neighbors and welcoming families into their lives has become an organization that operates several programs for youth and young adults.

The growth of Transformation Ministries wasn't something Ali & Kory planned, but they've learned to trust God every step of the way. The latest step started when Kory heard God repeating the word, "Deeper."

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For Transformation Ministries, going deeper means expanding its programs, opening up opportunities for more students and families to join, starting new programs and dreaming bigger dreams. Construction has started on an industrial building just off Portage Avenue and the project should be finished in time for the 2023-2024 school year.

If you'd like to support the Transformation Ministries Deeper Campaign, please visit transformation58.com/deeper_campaign to learn more and find ways to give and/or volunteer. Thank you!