Episode 7 - CRITICAL RACE THEORY with Dr. Redgina Hill

Dr. Redgina Hill is here to share with us some of what she learned through her study of Critical Race Theory as she was writing her dissertation. She also shares from her own experience as a black woman in America.

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Dr. Hill is an active part of the Transformation Ministries community. She serves on the Board of Directors, regular speaks with students in the Iron Sharpens Iron program and volunteers in various ways. She is the Executive Director for Inclusion & Equity at St. Mary's College in Notre Dame, Ind., and she is also the CEO and founder of Redgina Hill Consulting.

This episode is full of insight into the tenets of Critical Race Theory (CRT), which has recently been at the forefront of national conversations about race and justice. Dr. Hill explains how CRT influences her worldview and why she sees it as a supplement to her Christian worldview, rather than at odds with her faith.


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