Episode 9 - HOW TO BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR with Shannan Martin

Ep_9_title_slide.jpgFor episode 9 of We All Need Each Other, Aaron was able to join in conversation with Shannan Martin, a writer based out of Goshen, Indiana who is deeply connected to the idea of neighboring. She and her husband, Cory, went through a process of moving them and their four children from one style of living to a completely different one that called on them to neighbor in a different way than they had grown accustomed to.

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Jesus said himself that one of the two greatest commandments was to “love your neighbor as yourself.” This is a clear mandate for us to follow. At the same time, neighbor relationships can sometimes be difficult to navigate.

Shannan brings lived experience to this conversation about how to neighbor well. She offers practical ideas and lessons from the mistakes and the successes she’s seen from her own neighboring experiences.

“We need to be of our place and not just in our place.” - Shannan Martin


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