During the course of a normal day or week, how often do you find yourself fascinated by something or someone? Have you ever thought about that question? What is it that captures your attention and triggers your imagination? What can turn you into a little kid filled with wonder and amazement? Aaron and Dan sat down to talk about some of the things in life that fascinate them. They broke the discussion into a few categories: Books/Movies, Nature, Sports and History. There are many more types of things that can be worthy of your fascination, but these are just a few to get you thinking. Continue reading

Having Ears to Hear

By Aaron Charles “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” - Matthew 11:15 This verse comes in a chapter where Jesus is teaching about the man who has come before him – John the Baptist. Not everyone understood John’s prophecy and teaching. Some thought he was just a crazed man out in the wilderness. And then Jesus utters the words in the verse above. Continue reading

Episode 7 - CRITICAL RACE THEORY with Dr. Redgina Hill

Dr. Redgina Hill is here to share with us some of what she learned through her study of Critical Race Theory as she was writing her dissertation. She also shares from her own experience as a black woman in America. Continue reading

Doing the Work

By Dan Weiss I grew up doing hard work. As a child I spent time with my dad splitting and stacking wood so we could burn it in our fireplace. I mowed grass and raked leaves. I worked in corn fields in the summer and shoveled snow in the winter. There are plenty of people who worked harder than me, but I did my fair share of labor. I learned the value of working hard to achieve something and it felt good to look back at my accomplishments after a long day of work. Something in me changed when I became a teenager. Continue reading

Resources & BONUS Content!

Following the conversation from Episode 6 - Spiritual Practices for Spiritual Formation with Jasmine Bradley & Karen Grant, we asked former guests of the podcast for their input into the conversation. Below you'll find their answers along with some suggested resources and a short BONUS video that didn't make it into the final edit of Episode 6. Enjoy! Continue reading


No matter your religious background, if you're a Christian now then you have some practices for spiritual formation. They are the things we all do in order to grow spiritually. You may call it something different, but we want this episode to be a resource for you to learn about some new practices that will lead to deeper spiritual formation. Continue reading

It's Time to Reclaim Practice

by Aaron Charles If you’re like me, the word “practice” always brings to mind Allen Iverson. If you don’t know, Iverson was the MVP-winning point guard for the Philadelphia 76ers. He famously ranted about practice in an interview that has been played countless times since. He made it clear that he wasn’t talking about a game, he was just talking about…practice. Continue reading

How are you being formed?

The theme for June at We All Need Each Other is spiritual formation. Inspired by the book The Deeply Formed Life by Rich Villodas, we're taking a look at the practices (the things we do) that help us grow, mature and form us spiritually. You can join the conversation by simply responding to this very short survey! You answers will help shape the conversation in the next episode. So, if you've got some insight into great practices for spiritual formation, or if you've heard of some great ideas, please share them with us!


On Episode 5 of We All Need Each Other, Dan and Aaron had a conversation with Pastor Stephen Love about his experiences as a pastor and church planter and about how we all bring different perspectives to the table. Continue reading

What's Your Favorite?

Not all the questions we ask are serious. For the upcoming episode, Aaron Charles asked Pastor Stephen Love of Redemption City Church in South Bend about his favorite Denzel Washington movies and performances. The question was lighthearted, but helped us to learn more of Love's perspective. Watch the conversation below. And watch for Episode 5 - THE POWER OF PERSPECTIVE with Stephen Love, coming on Saturday, May 15! Continue reading