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After hearing the latest episode of We All Need Each Other, you may be thinking about how you read Scripture. Pastor Jonathan Brooks gave some interesting thoughts about how our perspective shapes the way we read and interpret the Bible. Continue reading

Episode 4 - Why We All Need Each Other with Jonathan Brooks & Kory Lantz

On Episode 4 of We All Need Each Other, Dan and Aaron had a conversation with Pastor Jonathan Brooks and Kory Lantz about what it means to live in and serve in community. This conversation really got to the heart of what this podcast is all about – the fact that we all need each other and can learn from one another’s perspective. Continue reading

BONUS Episode: Introducing Aaron Charles

We are excited to bring you a BONUS episode this week and we're even more excited about the reason for this extra content! We All Need Each Other has a new co-host and his name is Aaron Charles. If you've been paying attention, you know Aaron has already been contributing to the podcast through his writing. He's a gifted communicator and has a heart that fits right into the spirit of the show. Continue reading

Who/What is Discipling Us?

By Dan Weiss As we draw near to Holy Week and Easter Sunday, we would do well to reflect on the life of Jesus. But it might also be of great value to consider the example of His disciples. Throughout the Gospels we can see this group of 12 men who left everything to follow Jesus. The stories are filled with mistakes, betrayal, victories, miracles and kinship. These men spent several years learning from and becoming more like the Son of God. Surely there were distractions, but in the accounts we read we can see their focus on the one person who they believed held the key to eternal life. Continue reading

Episode 3 - SOCIAL MEDIA with Ryan Flemming

For episode 3 of We All Need Each Other, Dan was able to join in conversation with Pastor Ryan Flemming, the lead pastor at The Revolution Church in Gary, Indiana. The conversation in this episode focused on social media and how we can use it for good. Continue reading

What is Healthy Social Media Engagement?

By Aaron Charles You see the red circle and the number in the middle. Your finger is already moving to the screen as soon as you register the sight. A notification – someone commented or liked what you had to say or share. We’re all used to this. But what are we to make of it? Continue reading

TM Staff Q&A: Black History Month

As we near the end of Black History Month, we’re excited to share with you some insights from the Transformation Ministries Staff. The most recent episode of We All Need Each Other featured Jemar Tisby, author of How to Fight Racism. Tisby is also a historian and, as expected, he wove Black History throughout the conversation. We asked Transformation Ministries staff some of the questions that didn’t make it into the podcast episode, and their answers are incredibly insightful. Please enjoy this Q&A with Director of Academic Empowerment Karen West, Office Manager Maggie VanZalen and Resident Cam Stillson! Continue reading

Episode 2 - Fighting Racism

We are excited to continue the practice of intentional conversation we are developing with this podcast by sharing with you a very special episode. Our second installment is a conversation between Transformation Ministries Director of Operations Dan Weiss and New York Times-bestselling author Jemar Tisby. Continue reading

Fannie Lou Hamer

As we celebrate Black History Month, there are countless events, people and groups that are worthy of our time and reflection. As a Christian organization that desires to see all people flourish, we want to recognize the lives and work of Christians in Black History. One example is Fannie Lou Hamer, a Black woman from Mississippi. She was a Civil Rights activist who was part of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and founded the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party. Continue reading

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We All Need Each Other is available on several platforms in both video and audio formats. Here's a link to We All Need Each Other page each of those platforms: Continue reading